Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pascal's Album of the Week

This week Tall Tree's finest roller racer, Pascal, brings us the album of the week. Enjoy! - Matt

Last week I got myself some rollers since the skiing has not been fantastic as of late. I quickly realized (more like I already knew) that riding rollers is not terribly exciting. I figured I could only stand it for about an hour so I decided to put on a hourish long album that I was familiar with to pass the time. When chosen properly, an album can take place of the terrain we ride on to dictate the pace. Enter Trans Am's 2000 Thrill Jockey release, Redline, which clocks in at about 72 minutes (phew).

This album has the mood of a Stanley Kubrick movie set in the not-too-distant future; very cinematic and vivid. It takes us through desert wastelands with a detour through the deep dark Black Forest. There are peaks of electronic euro thrash and valleys of acoustic guitar dispersed with blistering chainsaw-like rock guitar. Some tracks are very blatant and scream at you to increase the pace, others are more subtle as they whisper quietly and creepily in your ear to keep going or face the dire consequences (think Clockwork Orange). "Play in the Summer" is definitely the highlight. The drums are fast and relentless, as the name of the album suggests, and pushed me like a stern T-Mobile DS. By the end of the album I was cooked. I will save this one for when I feel particularly sprite. - P

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