Friday, January 22, 2010

Tall Tree Frame Jig

Thom and I were down at Hugh Black's Frame shop (True North Cycles) in December to discuss the possibility of them producing some of our new Steelwool frames. While we were down there getting the shop tour we asked if he had any old frame jigs kicking around. Not expecting him to say yes, we were extremely excited when he actually did, and even more excited when he said he would be willing to sell it to us.

We have been planning to purchase a jig for a while now however once we found this used one things were put on the fast track.

Hugh had to find all the bits and pieces for this jig, so the jig didn't arrive until this week. It looks like it will do quite nicely. If he was able to build countless bikes on this jig it should do well for the small number of proto's we make every year.

Hugh also generously gave us a box of old small diameter cast lugs to mess about with to hone our brazing skills.



Matt Surch said...

Its all falling into place...cosmic. Let it begin.

Pascii said...

That is fantastic. I bet both my bikes were set up on that jig.
cosmic indeed

Rob Young said...

Good stuff. I've been learning to braze as well, hoping to make a frame or two in the next couple of months. Good luck with it!