Saturday, August 21, 2010

D2R2 2010: All Smiles

Just back to the hotel in South Deerfield after a couple hours hanging out with the guys and families after a full day on the bike. Despite 7 flats between Jamie and me...more on that later, everyone was glowing after the ride, truly amazed by the quality of the course and the impeccable planning and execution on the part of the organizers and army of incredible volunteers. Thank you all for giving your time so we could all experience a great day on bikes in your neighborhood. In Pascal's word's the ride exceeded his expectations 5-fold. I was worried some of the guys might roll in cursing my name, but each of them was totally chuffed. Fantastic. More, with a few photos, once I'm back in Ottawa after the weekend. Hopefully some of the guys will provide some words to convey their impressions; I'll do a bit of nudging.

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Steen said...

I rode with you guys for a while after the lunch stop, glad to see you all had fun! Tough bunch of good riders ya got there, good to see Canada represent.
Thanks for coming down to enjoy Western MA.
The Guy In the All Hail the Black Market kit.