Monday, August 9, 2010

August 29tt - Quintuple Pave Classic

The Quintuple Pave Classic on Sunday, August 29th, is still on. Due to a number of factors, the ride will be lower key than the Ride of the Damned in May in terms of amenities. For this one, there won't be a 'manned' checkpoint, but the depanneaur in Low will suffice, and the BBQ apres will be held at Tall Tree HQ (255 Richmond Rd). With many of the TT crew either away racing, on vacation, or otherwise tied up, we don't have the numbers to pull off the sort of extravaganza we managed for the Damned ride. There are two competing events that will pull riders away as well, The Ride with Rendall Crazy Train team time trial, and the 24hr Hot August Nights race at Albion Hills. This is the busiest time of the season for some of us, so a BIG ride is about all we can manage. I'll be away racing the Canada Cup in Bromont on the 15th, vacationing in the US through the week, then meeting up with a Glenn, Pascal, Chris, Jamie, Ariel, and Steve for D2R2 on the 21st. From the 27th to the 29th I hope to race Velo Raid, a 3-stage mtb race from Quebec City to Mont St. Anne, along with Rob, Neil and Anna. If that happens, I won't be in town for the Quintuple at all. Pretty hectic. Rodd will be the go to guy for the event, so any questions can be directed to him:

Next year we'll most likely focus on the Ride of the Damned in May, and Double Cross and the Fixed Gear Frolic in the fall.


When: Sunday, August 29th, 8am

Route: We discussed the route and will default to the Ride of the Damned course. Cue sheets are already perepared and only require a minor fix or two. Go to the post with all the details from that ride here

IF the turnout is small enough for Rodd and team to feel confident about the group sticking together for a special surprise route, this option might be exercised. If the turnout is large, keeping the whole group together for navigational purposes won't be practicable, so the Damned route will stick. The Damned route is 160k total, from Lac Leamy. Since the BBQ will be held at Tall Tree, riders may opt to meet there to drop off bags, then proceed to Lac Leamy. Rodd may opt to move the meeting spot to Tall Tree altogether, so make sure you check back to confirm as the day approaches.

Teams: The team format still applies. Teams of 5, or if you can't pull enough together, talk to Rodd about pulling in a few others. We've managed thus far getting teams sorted. Team captains are asked to contact Rodd with your team name and roster (tentative is fine) by Wednesday, August 25th. Please also indicate how many riders plan to attend the BBQ, and of those, how many are vegetarian.vegan. This information is vital to planning cue sheet requirements and BBQ supplies.

Cost: $5 per rider, with all proceeds going to Stand Up for Cheo. The BBQ won't be covered in the fee, so bring some money to cover BBQables, again, with proceeds going to Stand Up for Cheo. If you'd like to bring beverages for the apres to the shop in the morning or Saturday afternoon, we'll have a cooler ready.

Again, questions go to

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