Monday, August 23, 2010

Quintuple Pave Classic: Cancelled

It looks like the Quintuple just isn't in the cards this year. There are a couple conflicting events, numerous key people on the organizing end are out of town or swamped, so it just won't get off the ground. As I suggested in an earlier post, I think we'll focus on the Ride of the Damned, Double Cross and Fixed Gear Folic next year, as this time of year is just too hectic to pull off the event (dated TBC, hinging on the cyclocross calendar). However, I do think we'll do a big group ride soon, of the no-drop sort, and cover a bunch of great roads with bail outs for those who are not up for a long haul. We'll put out word here and simply meet up on a Sunday morning to ride.

Anyone torn between the Crazy Train time trial and Quintuple is in luck, decision made. I'd like to do the TTT myself; we'll see whether that's in the cards or perhaps just a nice long ride. I've drained the water out of my bike from the solid rain it soaked up on the way home from the US on Sunday, and its almost ready to return to service.

I'm working on getting a few photos together from D2R2, so if you are interested seeing more about the event, check back in soon.


Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in biking the carribean islands Feb 2011?

The ride will consist of 10 islands in 10 days. Some huge huge climbs. Spectacular views. Great eats.
Cost: approx 800 bucks right now for airfare and approx 1800 pp for lodge (this includes food when ever you want plus night life etc...).

Leaving around Jan 25th until Feb 10th or so. Staying in Pueto Rico. Nothing beats climbing up the rain forest (13km climb).

anyone interested?

Josee said...

I'm interested. I've looking into doing a tour like this. Please contact me at