Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fixed Gear Frolic: Sunday October 3rd!

Hi all, just locked down the date for our third annual Fixed gear Frolic this morning: next Sunday, October 3rd.

This year has posed the greatest challenges of any other for scheduling both the Frolic and Double Cross. These events are just too well loved to skip, so I knew we had to find a way. With an intense cyclocross schedule locked down, including more three double race weekends, things were looking pretty grim. However, I think we've come up with a good solution.

Running the Frolic next Sunday gets us in before daylight savings. I didn't really want to run it on a Saturday, as too many shop folks would be cut out, so Sunday was kept, following the Brittania cross race. Racing will end at about 11:30, so racers will have time to run home, change clothes and bikes, and meet at Tall Tree Cycles for 2pm to roll out. Since we want people to make it home for dinner, we're going to do a Tour de Recreational Paths, covering pretty much all the best chunks of path in Ottawa-Gatineau, including Lac Leamy, Gatineau Park, the Voyageur Trail, Pinecrest Creek, The Arboritum, Vincent Massey Park and more. The route will be about 80k, rolling, and really pleasant.

We'll figure out a mid-way coffee stop. Apres ride, folks can opt to catch drinks/food as they like. I figure many will want to head home for dinner.

So get your fixed gear rollin! We'll ride rain or shine, so fenders might be golden.

More info to come. Here's the map:

Double Cross will be held on Thanksgiving Monday @ 09:30

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Anonymous said...

you guys should have a tour-de-l-outa-way

could start from mooneys bay then head up to riverside going south just as you cross the train tracks there is a set of trails to the left take it through to McAuthor cross it then follow the trail along the parkway to hunt club. Jump on the parkway. There is an old rail line on the left (not sure where it goes) so, take next road left to albion. At albion jump on the ncc trail system to bank. You'll have to look at the map, but that trail some how or other will take you out to Mer Blue (you;ll have to take Russel road for a bit). From Mer Blue trails take anderson... you could do the old rail line right through to Montreal from there if you wanted to (?) but, jump on Innis for a bit... just across from the jail is a whole wack of trail. Take it going north. This will take you to the ottawa river pathway (btw: there is an interesting pathway just past the jail on the right hand side that may go out to Navan? not sure...)

So, jump on the ottawa river pathway (there is some single track in there if you look closely). To Rideau hall. Do the road for a bit then behind parliament. You could go all the way up to Kanata then follow the NCC trails around to Hunt Club road. Take Hunt club back to mooneys.

Another interesting little place I have yet to try is Carelton hill... there seems to be a bunch of little single tracks in there with some great little climbs.

Me, I'm doing the gatineaus trails. The roads are just a btch this time of year.