Friday, September 10, 2010

Ride the Rideau for Cancer Research

Let me introduce you to the non-cycling part of my life: I am a cancer researcher at the General Hospital Cancer Centre. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in cancer therapeutics as well as working part time as a researcher studying biomarkers for ovarian cancer.

The funding that we receive for our research comes from a competitive grant submission process organized by government agencies. However, this funding is only applicable to day to day costs and salaries, not to infrastructure. In order to shorten the time between basic lab research and patient-ready treatments, a new addition to the Cancer Centre is being built with the purpose of running in-house clinical trials. However, the money for this construction must be raised by the community. This brings me to my focus: tomorrow I will be participating in a 100km bike ride from Ottawa to Merrickville to raise money for this new research facility. I have already raised $2400 over the summer and I'm hoping to reach my goal of $2500 by tomorrow. If anyone is interested in supporting this cause, donations can be made at my homepage:

More information can be found on the fundraiser's website where I am featured (under tab#3)

Thanks for your support!

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame that more infrastructure/bail out/action plan money doesn't go into this research. Its critical. I can't tell you the number of people I know with cancer now. Its almost out of control how wide spread it is. Is it the food? water? environment? Who knows. Something is screwing up our cells big time.

Don't forget the Terry Fox run as well Sept 19th! Determine he was. We should all be determined to find the cause and solution to this life threatening illness.
Its just so wide spread now.