Thursday, May 26, 2011


Inspiration does indeed come in many forms. Take the video above. The concept is simple, but, as is so often the case, the message is powerful: ride a bike and transform your experience of the world around you. See things differently, or perhaps, simply see.

As a parent, I derive a lot of inspiration from kids these days. Last night's kick-off of the Sunset Series cross country race at Camp Fortune marked yet another instance when I have been amazed by the confidence, skill, and enthusiasm of kids out on the race course. At registration, BMX Jim sat alongside his family, while his wife commented on how surprised she was by the number of kids at the hill. 'Yep,' I replied, 'this series really is all about the kids.' And it is. Namely francophone kids from a couple clubs in the region. I think there were as many kids out to race as adults. Out on the course, the kids track branched into the big track near the end of the lap. Two peewees rode in front of me through a short section of singletrack only slightly slower than I normally ride. Amazing! And, they were not phased my my presence, just cool and collected. Incredible! I was simply awed by their poise and skill, and these kids were just about 12-13 years old, riding on some tricky terrain. Inspiring. Later I passed others, both boys and girls, evidently putting the hurt on themselves as they attacked the course. I could see the fire in their eyes, and it was simply awesome. These kids are the future of the sport, and the future looks bright.

I see the Sunset Series as a development program for the kids, so I encourage all of you reading with any inclination to race to get out there and support the series. Even if you can only make a couple races, signing up for the whole series will surely help sustain it. Who knows, perhaps with a little luck we can bring back the party atmosphere the series enjoyed through the late nineties, when folks showed up to race on hardcore hardtails and overweight freeride bikes. Anything can happen, this is a world of possibility.

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