Monday, May 16, 2011

Ride of the Damned: Mini Wrap-up

Photos are up! Click HERE.

Sunday's Ride of the Damned was a big success, thanks to the scores of riders and volunteers who came out despite cool temperatures and rain. Those who persevered were rewarded as we cleared the rain clouds and rode on into the sun. The dirt roads were nearly as good as they get, and the kilometers turned over with the welcome distraction of beautiful scenery at every turn. May is indeed a wonderful time to ride in the country! From all indications, everyone had a swell time, and when the swelling goes down, I think many will start thinking about RotD 2012! Hope so.

Lots of photos and video to come on the blog, along with finishing times. Because raffle tickets were not handed out to a few of the first teams to finish, we decided to hand out the rest, and draw numbers for prizes once everyone had a number. Edit: In order not to miss anyone, I've decided we'll draw from all the names of riders who attended yesterday's ride, along with the volunteers. This way nobody will miss out because they didn't wind up with a ticket. We'll draw on Tuesday, and post up the winners in the afternoon.

Special thanks go out to Kris Westwood for putting in the effort to get material for a little news piece on the ride today, can't wait to see it.

Well wishes do out to Deb Hine, who had to spend the day in bed with a detached retina today instead of joining us on the road. Get well soon Deb!


Please email me with any corrections. Times for teams are only ranked if the team completes the whole route with the same riders that started. If riders are separated, the last rider's time is the team's finishing time. I need a time for the last two Fresh Air/OBC riders.


Scott said...

I'd like to thank everyone at Tall
Trees, and my riding buds "The Fender Benders" for another fine day in the saddle. Excellent ride, route, organization, pitstop (thanks to Jamie's parents - it was damn cold in that pavillion), and a great BBQ with lots of ride stories to tell.
And how did you guys order up that fine weather :-)Glad it is not today.....

Looking forward to the Double Cross.


Rod said...

That was a great ride. Thank you very much, on behalf of the Euro-Sports guys that enjoyed the great organization and BBQ at the end.

Heck, you even stopped the rain!


Seb Oran said...

Dear Tall Tree Cycles and Ride of the Damned Participants:

Thank you so much for your contribution and support of Bicycles for Humanity! The funds donated from the event will go a long way into empowering people through transportation - specifically this year, we will be sending bikes to Malawi to help healthcare workers increase the frequency and scope of patient visits in rural areas.

Thank you so much!