Monday, May 16, 2011

Ride of the Damned Prize Winners!

Well folks, with the help of a random munber generator, I've drawn names for the prizes. A big thanks goes out to Norco and Specialized for supporting the Ride of the Damned and generously providing a slew of prizes. The rest come courtesy of Tall Tree Cycles and Steelwool Bicycle Co. Woohoooo!

Here we go, wait until you get to the bottom to find out who won the GRAND PRIZES:

Axiom Corker Multi Tool 40 Nick Vipond
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 6 Pascal Marais
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 10 Jamie Pold
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 43 Rob Kerr
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 13 Peter Schuck
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 55 Katy Chancey
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 3 Rock Clancy
Axiom Corker Multi Tool 50 Dave Rudnick
Specialized Format SL seat 31 John Hayden
Specialzed Pro Forte SS jersey (lrg) 42 Jay Heins
Steelwool Gold single speed hub-set 9 Todd Fairhead
Specialized Atlas T shirt (med) 4 James Cowan
Specialized Graphic Jersey (med) 20 Dave Hendrycks
Specialized Sonoma Gel saddle 27 Steve Morris
Specialized Pro gloves (black/gold med) 57 Jeff Ryan
Specialized Mondo Pro tire 700x23 (black/blue) 23 Ingrid Coney
Specialized Sport wmn's gloves (med) 7 Rodd Heino
Specialized Comp wmn's gloves (med) 24 Paul Young
Specialized Ridge gloves (med) 54 Mr. Pold
Specialized XC lite gloves (med) 19 Mike Steneker
Specialized Performance Carbon jersey (lrg) 44 Cuylar Conly Swobo
Ladies Merino Jersey Green (sml) 1 Mark MacNab
Tall Tree T shirt blue (medium) 31 Kris Westwood
Tall Tree T shirt ladies white (medium) 49 Jason Abbot
Tall Tree T shirt blue (small) 29 Dale Danner
Tall Tree Arm Warmers 36 Chris Simmons
Tall Tree Arm Warmers 19 Scott Forsyth

Velocity Deep V purple and pink plaid rims (pair) 35 Andy Brown
Chrome Metroplis Messanger Bag (Orange silver) 47 Michael Dekelver
$500 towards a custom Steelwool Frame/Bike 41 Vince Caceres

Get the word out to your team-mates. All prizes can be picked up at Tall Tree Cycles, 255 Richmond Road. No substitutions, sorry. We'll re-raffle any prizes that are not picked up by close of business (4pm) Sunday, unless alternative arrangements are made.

Congratulations everyone, and thanks for making the ride AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Matt and Rodd, for organizing an incredible ride.

Madmountainmike said...

Wow - where else can once get such a great ride, BBQ and such tons of schwag for a low price....are other ottawa race organizers listening ??