Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Fixed Frolic II

Some details:
  • distance will wind up about 85k, same as last year's Frolic
  • there will be three scheduled stops: 1) Shoppers Drugmart in Kanata; 2) Carp store; 3) Shoppers in Kanata again on the return. Food and drinks can be acquired at each stop.
  • if the weather is gross, we may improvise the route to work in some more covered roads with a little climbing to stay warm. This would be a game-time decision that would depend on who shows up
  • 42x16 or 44x16 are good gears to run
  • fenders will be a major asset if its wet. You won't regret taking the time. Flaps allow others to draft you, which is nice or them. And you when you want to draft.
Sorry for the weird underlining. Blogger is odd at times.

1 comment:

Pascii said...

Greg is a master of textures. He'd be my #1 choice for picking wallpaper. Nice one.