Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fixed Frolic Route

Quick update:

Thom has created a map for Sunday's ride. Here are his notes:

"Ignore the distance, it will be a bit longer as I ended it where the routes come back to together."

It looks like sun and +10 so far...I hope the forecast holds.

There will be three stops over the course of the 80-85k. Thom modified the route a bit, so the second stop will be in Dunrobin instead of Carp.

Lets all be ready to roll at 10...please.

Questions? Ask here or email


Anonymous said...

I switched my Steelwool over to fixed for the ride to wrok wasn't as strange as I thought.

See you Sunday!


Disco Stu said...

I'm gonna try and meet up part way along the route (near Britannia/Andrew Haydon park) and join for a little while. I'll post again once the route map is up.

Matt Surch said...

Don't hold your breath Stu; Thom seems distracted with moving. Regardless, we'll be rolling that way, so I can just call you when we leave the shop. Or you can plan to be there for whatever time you guess we'll pass by.

Disco Stu said...

That'd be great if you could give me a ring when the group leaves the shop.