Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brockville 'Cross Report, Almonte Extended Play, Halloween Fixed Frolic

Jamie looking good on his feet after the mud pits (photo: Martin)

Jamie, Martin, Mike and I were in attendance on Sunday morning in Brockville for our weekly dose of 'cross action. It was a medium strength Mad Alchemy day; I slathered up the Secret Coffee concoction and added knee warmers. Lets call that 'Canadian knee warmer' style. Embro+kneewarmers. Unfortunately, I failed to treat my feat similarly, which was a little problematic splashing through two mud pits every lap for ten laps. Yeah, ten laps...I got lapped by the top 3...doh. Should have worn my gore-tex socks to keep the feet warm, but it wasn't too bad. This was my first 'cross race with any significant mud action, and its my third season! Granted, the first two were a little spotty, but still.

Not so good. Not strong enough to pedal the second half of the hill here (photo: Martin)

Better. The hill is supposed to be pedaled. Mike gets it right.

I think none of of Tall Tree crew were really on it on Sunday. Jamie was out of if from the start, Martin hurt his back, and I just felt kinda out of the mix for a bit. Sure, I finished 5th in my category (Masters A), but I felt like I underperformed. I think I backed off a bit too much when I experienced the ol' white tunnel vision. Slipping back a bit I lost motivation and thought to myself: "Why do you like this, you suck at it?" Once getting over this mental weakness to some degree, things looked up, and I improved a bit. There was a demoralizing hill though, that I was forced to run a few times, as I did not have enough power to drive my 42/27 climbing gear. Jamie was similarly demoralized with his 42. I don't recall Mike complaining about anything in particular, so I suspect things went ok for him. I can say I liked what they did with the flat terrain; the gyros were pretty cool. Martin took some great photos; more to come. The photos from cross_photo can be found here. Lots more great shots to be found there.

Agree, these are in nearly random order; that's what happens when I modify posts...chaos...chreods? Here I am, looking like I know what I'm doing, pre-white tunnel (photo credit: cross_photo).

A couple wicked (cold) splashes! This hole was deep enough to take you out over the bars. I nearly launched one time through (photo credit: cross_photo).

Mike churns is out (photo credit: cross_photo).

Jamie between pit and barrier (photo credit: cross_photo).

Mike post barrier post pit (photo credit: cross_photo).

Jamie...more pittage. Should pittage be one of the criteria used to evaluate the quality of''cross courses? I think so. A good 'cross course should have a high pittage factor. I'd assign Brockville a 7 on 10 for pittage. BTW, its pronounced the french way: pittajj (photo credit: cross_photo).

This was quite necessary, and felt good. I spent a little time in the recovery position, a la Kent, but Martin missed it, perhaps to spare me embarrassment (photo: Martin).

Almonte 'Cross Extended Play - this Sunday!

On Sunday we'll be racing in Almonte, my personal favourite venue. Its a technical course that suits me better than the others. If should be a good one for all us mtb riders. Unless its raining and miserable out, we'll follow through with the plan to ride the Roubaix route after the races. A good number have confirmed; the pace will not be 'race,' but a moderate cruise. Jamie and I did the route last year on our race bikes. It should be a beautiful ride. If you wold like to join us, bring extra clothes, bottles, food, tubes etc so you are good to go. It will likely be a DZ-Nuts kind of day; in my preliminary tests, I've found the stuff a little more long lasting than the Mad Alchemy Pro Chamois creme. However, the latter does not cause a cool tingle, likely a boon on cold days! It'll be fun. We'll be easy to find.

Halloween Fixed Frolic

On the 25th we'll roll out for the annual fall fixed frolic. The poster is up, and its fantastic. Greg has once again produced a terrific product. It sure is nice being surrounded by talented people! Stay tuned for more info. The ride starts at 10am, and will be about 100k, pretty much flat.

Oh, and one more thing, a great Andy Hampsten video.


Madmountainmike said...

It was a decent enough race for me - (for this year anyway) - tho I'm not sure I was ever lapped before.... But it was fairly short laps - obviously with the winners at 11 - so it makes sense. I also like what they did with the Brockville course which is usually just flat and windy - i.e sucks for me ! I did not have too much problem with the hill as my gear is a 39 (I think), but had to grunt a bit rocking the steed back and forth near the top to avoid total slippage. Rear CX tire is a bit worn after some road riding on it.

As for the mud...well get ready Matt cause that was nothing ! I recall a Kanata race a few years back where every inch of every body was covered in mud...no lie.

Anonymous said...

Jamie has a smile in every picture. What gives? I thought Cyclocross was a hard sport.