Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great video from Levi's Gran Fondo

My team and I encountered Don Peterkin from Golden BC while riding the Quintuple a little while ago. He wasn't participating in the 'formal' event, but rode along with us and other teams for a while. He was riding a great vintage Roubaix bike.

Don sent an email today with a link to a great video from Levi's Gran Fondo. He posted it in Podium Cafe (http://www.podiumcafe.com/2009/10/6/1073779/cyclists-making-adifference-at)
It is indeed a great video. Specifically, the young boy riding, Liam, is incredible. He looks very confident and graceful on the bike, and rides quite fast. He also is evidently having a great time. Awesome. I bet if he had a bike with a low q-factor/tread, he'd be even better on the bike. Poor kids and their feet so far apart...

Here it is:

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