Monday, March 22, 2010

Cycling Vision Ottawa

Rather than spam this around, I thought I'd simply post up Cycling Vision Ottawa's March newsletter for all you local readers to consider. It seems segregated lanes will be constructed in Ottawa, its just a matter of time. The cycling community should certainly speak up about where we'd like them, rather than leave it to the civil engineers. Bronson is due for reconstruction soon, and I can't think of a street I'd rather see segregated bike lanes on. As it is now, its terrifying. Bikewest also sounds intriguing!


CVO Newsletter for March 2010

Dear Cycling Vision supporter:

1. Have your say on locating segregated lanes

2. King Edward Lane Reduction Study

3. BikeWest is gaining steam

4. Fundraising continues

= . = . =

1. Have your say on locating segregated lanes

The City is looking to pilot a segregated cycling lane on an east-west
downtown street. We'd like to have your feedback on some of the
candidates. Plus - we'd like to know where YOU would like to see a segregated
lane anywhere in Ottawa - first for yourself or people you know, and
second, where you think it would be used by the most people.

A. How high would you score each option below as a candidate for a
segregated lane? 5-Great, 4-Good 3-Maybe 2-Not so good 1-Bad
Somerset: __
Laurier: __
Lisgar: __
Gilmour: __
Gladstone: __
Albert: __
Slater: __
Preference? Others? Comments?

B. Where would YOU put a segregated lane:
i) to be most useful for you or for people you know.
Street name:
from which intersection or place:
to which intersection or place:

ii) to be most useful to the most people.
Street name:
from what intersection or place:
to what intersection or place:

We look very much forward to your input. Please copy and complete the
above section with your responses and e-mail it to:

= = =

2. King Edward Lane Reduction Study

We were invited to contribute to an open house forum on reducing the
number of traffic lanes on King Edward. Reducing from 6 to 5 or 4
lanes could leave room for making the avenue more cycling friendly.
Even segregated cycling lanes are a possibility. A remote one? At
this stage it's just a study, perhaps a dream. But we find there are
now open minds at City Hall towards segregated cycling lanes, as never
before. Let us know if you are interested in providing your comments
for the study.

= = =

3. BikeWest is gaining steam

BikeWest is the brainchild of Eric Darwin. His idea is to build a
complete segregated cycling corridor from Albert Street downtown to
Westboro along Scott street. The City already owns most of the
property along the route and it's almost a straight line. It would
offer a highly efficient commuting route for a densely populated area.
It's more direct than the Ottawa River NCC pathway. Intersections
would of course need specialized improvements to make them safe and
cycling-friendly. The route would appeal to a broad base of cyclists
because of its separation from motor traffic.

The project is gaining momentum at City Hall. Recently councillor
Diane Holmes added BikeWest for possible inclusion in the Cycling Plan
when it is reviewed next year.

For an outline of the project see

= = =

4. Fundraising continues

Our main focus is to persuade City council, staff and the general
public of the benefits and importance of investing in cycling
infrastructure. A segregated or distinct network of bicycle lanes will
entice more Ottawans out of their cars and onto their bikes. And this
will benefit everyone, starting with the cyclists but including
taxpayers and even car-drivers.

We appreciate your financial support to continue our work. Please take
the time to donate to Cycling Vision Ottawa. You can mail a cheque to
the address below. Thanks in advance for your generosity.
Unfortunately we cannot issue tax receipts.



Dianne and Gabriel

Cycling Vision Ottawa - L'Avenir en vélo à Ottawa
572 - 57 Sparks St.
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5P7


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Rob Young said...

I agree about Bronson - it is frightening!

Another thing that is on the books is a cycling path along the o train tracks. There is some information on it on Eric Darwin's blog. I'm going to write to my local councilor about it, I think it would be a fantastic route.