Monday, March 1, 2010


Here are a few snapshots from our little Sunday jaunt (report posted by Matt below) during which I bonked in the exact same way I did last year during the same ride (only ridden backwards). Big thanks to Matt for pushing me (that's right, not pulling, pushing) and feeding me shotblocks while going up Notch Road and on to Aylmer. Oh the humility that can be cycling. Also merci beaucoup to Rodd for lending me his lovely lugged True North. Fantastic!

Jamie looking pleased

Brad appears calm and collected despite riding his fixed gear down and then up the Mont-Cascades trench. Martin was eqaully spritely on his fixed. Kudos.

Matt on the dirt near Aylmer

Matt's Steelwool Secteur 18 avec matching tops and tails.
Mais c'est magnifique!

Speaking of Matchy-Matchy, check out these hilarious green socks I found the other day while shopping for pants for my son. They even match my pedals!

I arrived at my Mother's for dinner and this was hot out of the oven.
Thank lemony goodness.


Matt Surch said...

Hey, where did that bike-ninja come from in the bridge shot? I didn't see him when I took it.

This weekend is very promising. I think the good times will roll.

the original big ring said...

did you eat the entire pie?

i would have . . . really . . .

good ride