Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music moves....

I just happened across a video of a high school band playing DJ Shadow's Endtroducing.
This album, unquestionably a classic, catalyzed my interest in hip hop back in 1996,
bridging the gap between electronic and rap genres...or something like that. This album
never gets old (hence, is a classic).

Don't blame the players for the timing issues, they might have more to do with
the digitization than the performance. Even if the drummer is indeed off, it doesn't matter.
This is an awesome performance for high school players. If my high school band had take
this on (unlikely, as I graduated in '97), I would have freaked out over the opportunity.
And I would not have played it as well as this drummer.

This video triggered a search for other Shadow unplugged recordings.
I came up with this, a gem of a find. Shadow Orchestra.
This music moves...


Disco Stu said...

Interesting to hear a live reproduction of an album composed entirely of samples.

Endtroducing certainly is a classic, and an album that created a near obsession with electronic music for me.

Pascii said...

Rodd turned me on to this (and many other things including technical MTB) when I first met him (1997). There was an explosion of new sounds back then and this one really did stand out as quality.
I think the late nineties/early naughties was the last period of serious innovation in modern music. (ATMO)
The decade since has been a rehash of the 80s, a downward slide for hip-hop and ummmm, and oh, that Combination-Pizza-Hut-And-Taco-Bell song, right.

I don't mean to say there has not been any good music to come out of the last decade (The Fiery Furnaces come to mind as the current cream of the modern rock crop), however I have yet to hear something that made me go "WOW, I've never heard anything like that before!" in a long long time.

Pascii said...

Oh and that Shadow Orchaestra video reminds me of this 1949 classic: