Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not ready to give up on winter

While most, or all of the TT gang and Co. have been on the road for weeks now, I have refrained from hitting pavement and dirt. I am an avid lover of snow and all that it brings me. Most think that the snow has left but I can assure you it hasn’t. I have been skiing on the last scraps of winter and even as the temperature rises each day, getting closer to summer, I still put the planks on.

Just two weeks ago myself and a keen group of about 8 winter lovers managed to get onto the Larrimac trails and although it was patchy, it may have been the best ski of the season. Our obstacles were dirt patches, tree branches, open rivers and rocks. My skis are a little angry with me.

That same weekend I headed over to the Meech chairlift at Camp Fortune and played on the recently closed slopes. We spent the day climbing the hill and practicing our telemark turns on the way down. Pretty hard to master on 69mm xcountry skis.

Last weekend the same gaggle of skiers came together and did it all over again. We built a few little kickers to attempt a little air time and we even attempted skiing down a narrow chute under the chairlift. Sounds easy but when half the snow is missing and has rivers of snow melt running down the middle, it gets a little nerve racking.

I plan to start riding this weekend for the first time this year, but not before getting a few more tunrs in. We still have snow.



Matt Surch said...

Glad you put this up for others to see Greg, its so rad. Its clear you guys have heen having a helluva good time. Looking forward to rolling with you!

Steve said...

Awesome pics greg! Looks like fun times for all. Well except the skis... I can see why they're mad.

Pascii said...

The ones of you guys aquaplaning are priceless!

Klunker said...

Just a quick Hello to Talltree Cycles,belated thanks to Will, Thom, Brad for packing up 20 or so of my bikes before I moved around Christmas. Sorry I haven't contacted sooner, was hugely busy with school and RIDING. The cycling here is amazing, will call Talltree to order a 29er the singletrack is amazing here.
Cheers mates!
Stephen B

Klunker said...

OOps sorry, I'm in Canberra Australia!

grove69 said...

The skis are still not talking to me. The aquaplaning was a weird experience. I never thought the water would keep us up long enough to cross - it did. We had to rip it though.