Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hellclimb for Cancer: June 2

Update: Its on. Yes, the forecast calls to a bit of rain, maybe. We are confident that the heavens will cooperate...enough.

Categories will be determined at the Gate when we all sign up; the more folks show up, the more categories we'll have. If you are donating $5 please try to bring correct change. If you have bigger bills, we're happy to take them for the Cause! Receipts will be available for those who desire them.

If you are super tight on time, you can meet us at the base of Fortune at about 6:30-6:45. You'll have to register there and will consequently be placed at the bottome of the start list. This option will make it harder for us to organize categories, so please only meet there if necessary.


Tall Tree's Martin Kellen is riding the Ride to Conquer Cancer June 12-13th, so we're throwing down an opportunity to climb for the cause. We'll meet at the Gate (Gamelin) at 6pm sharp, and roll to the base of Fortune together. From there we'll TT to Champlain Lookout. This is a low key, funraiser for Cancer research, so lets all get out there and lay down our best.

Entry will be a by donation, $5 minimum.

There will definitely be a fixed gear category, so if you've got one its time to start thinking about your gearing. I vow to be there on my Steelwool Limited, running a 44x16. Brad has confirmed he'll be climbing with his younger daughter on the back of their tandem, towing his older daughter on a trail-a-bike, while Greg will be on his dirt jump bike standing all the way. These guys personify the spirit of the event. Its clear that a 'hill climb' bike is hardly required. More info to come, stay tuned.


Pascii said...

K then. I'll bring my wife's xtra-cycle with Felix on the back and Beatrice in the trailer.

Matt Surch said...

Frigg, ok, fine, Ronan is my basket!

Wait, I don't have a basket on my road fixed close...

Rodd Heino said...

i'll be there on 44x14
hopefully momentum will prevail over explosion

Peter M said...

I'm going with 53x21. This adds up to 94 which I assume counts as some sort of handicap.

grove69 said...

Dirt jump bike full on downhill bike with slicks. Mmmmm not sure which one will have the most impact.

jbodea said...

As promised, I posted this ride on the OMBA site. Never know, might get a few more people out from there. Not sure if I can make it or not, unfortunately.