Friday, June 18, 2010

Update: Infrastructure Plans for Gatineau Park

I've just pulled out a couple noteworthy sections from the public consultation document the NCC has releared on changes/improvements to Gatineau Park entrances. See the whole document here. These are relevant to those who use/would like to use the Parkway. Also, a shuttle was proposed elsewhere in the doc from Ottawa/Gatineau to the Park, which would bring many benefits, from increased access for youth, for example, to reduced car use to access the park, and fewer parks within the Park. Those with a stake in downhill riding at Fortune would have cause to support a shuttle to help kids get up to the hill. All local shops involoved in the gravity end of the spectrum have cause to support such an initiative. Getting to the hill is a major limiting factor. Keep your eye out for info on consultation on the Transportation Plan here and on the NCC site. We should make sure we participate on this issue.

3.4 Vehicle Control

Public Feedback:
Re-designing the entrances to Gatineau Park should help to control the number of vehicles entering the Park. Other proposals include the imposition of fees, the introduction of a shuttle system from the Park’s main entrances and the evening and overnight closing of certain access points.

NCC Response: The primary goals of this project are to indicate to visitors that they are entering the Capital’s conservation park, clearly define its boundaries, indicate via brief messages our conservation and cohabitation objectives and inform visitors of occasional special events. Where applicable, vehicle access control will rely on the system of barriers located at the entrance of each parkway. Fees are not part of the current study. The Gatineau Park Green Transportation Plan will address the issue of evening and overnight
parkway closures.

3.6 Closure of a Section of Gamelin Street
Public Feedback:
 Close the section of Gamelin Street between des Fées Road and the Gatineau Parkway, as recommended in the Gatineau Park Master Plan. NCC Response: As indicated in the Gatineau Park Master Plan, the NCC intends to close the section between des Fées Road and the Gatineau Parkway to vehicle traffic after reviewing this option with the City of Gatineau. The Master Plan action plan recommends that this take place over the medium term in order to coincide with thedevelopment of the Gatineau Park Green Transportation Plan. This plan is currentlyb being developed and will be through to Spring 2011. This project’s various consultation stages will be posted on the NCC Web site.

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