Thursday, June 3, 2010

HellClimb for Cancer: The Skinny

Here's Martin's words on the Wednesday night's HellClimb:

The HellClimb 2010 was an unqualified success.  A total of 26 riders participated - a high turnout, especially with the rainy conditions. The Super Modified class was won by Peter Mason and son in spectacular fashion; Peter was only five minutes behind the Mens’s Open class winner!   

The Women’s Open class was taken by Michelle Gauthier, who wasn’t even supposed to be there! Michelle had planned on doing a loop of the park, but was sucked into the HellClimb by our charismatic crew.  That, and there was no one else to ride with.  

The Men’s Open Class win went to Mike Abraham, who beat TodFairhead by three seconds, or about the same time it took Glenn Murray to break his chain off the start.  Glenn did repair his chain in time to compete in the most highly contested category, the Men’s Fixed class.  

A total of ten riders competed in the fixed class, on steeds of varying (and sometimes questionable) suitability.  This promised to be an exciting class and did not disappoint.  In the end, the Screamin’ Vegan, Matt Surch prevailed over Rodd “Hurricane” Heinoby a mere two seconds (and Rodd is still trying to figure out how he could have made up these two measly tics of the clock!). 

Other notable results include: Thom Johnson riding away with full style points—he looked good enough to make women swoon and men cry. Unfortunately yesterday was not 1980.  Erika Watson took first, second and third in the Women’s Fixed class—not bad for a first race.

Thanks to all who participated and donated. With the $530!! raised yesterday, I was able to beat my target of $2800.  Finally, big thanks to Greg Cosgrove for his fantastic poster, to Matt Surch for all his help with the organization, Craig Barlow for timing, to Peter Mason’s better half, Anita, for helping at the start, Kent for calculating the finishing times, and to all those who donated prizes: Will and Thom from Tall Tree, Kent and Dave from Phat Moose and Katy Chancey from Reform Body Clinic.  Donations can still be made at

Photos still to come.

Finishing Times:

          Women’s Open
1.       Michelle Gauthier                      13:23
2.       Anna O’Brien                            14:28
3.       Katy Chancey                            15:30

Women’s Fixed
1.       Erika Watson                             18:54

Super Modified

1.       Peter Mason                              17:21
2.       Brad Kukurudz                         18:09
3.       Pascal Marais                            21:16
4.       Anthony Bereznia                     No Time Recorded

Men’s Open

1.    Mike Abraham                           12:24
2.    Todd Fairhead                            12:27             
3.    Jaime Pold                                  12:41
4.    Paul Deswart                              13:05
5.    Thom Johnson                            13:48
6.    Thomas Murdoch                       13:59
7.    Phil Machon                               14:37
8.    Jim Larocque                              16:05
9.    MartiDeschamps                      16:45
10.  Martin Zollinger                          No Time Recorded (submit finishing time)

Men’s Fixed
1.       Matt Surch                                 11:49
2.       Rodd Heino                               11:51
3.       Steve Bosworth                         12:47
4.       Jeff Ryan                                   13:20
5.       Martin Kellen                            13:51
6.       Glen Murray                              14:26
7.       Mark Carver                              14:30
8.       Jon Hayden                               15:03
9.       Simon P.                                    16:30
10.  Will Ficner                                   N/A - Photographer


Rodd Heino said...

Martin Zollinger's finishing time was 26:30

the original big ring said...

must apologize for a few of the times - was getting hard to write in the rain, check the watch and see who was coming through. Alas, it was for fun and a good cause.

only got a few photos which I'll post up tonight


kt said...

Martin Z's finishing time was 26:39 (he says that's what someone yelled at him as he rode by), but cracked his frame (discovered this morning) in the process. Does that get him a time bonus?

Matt Surch said...

Krikey, we broke Martin's bike! Sorry to hear it, I hope you're not short a bike for long Marty.

I'll fix Marty's time as soon as Martin K. confirms his start time from the list.

If Marty gets a time bonus for a cracked frame, Glenn gets one for his city bars and rack!

Peter M said...

Sweet. The two weeks I spent hollowing out all the bolts on the R3 and the Chariot totally paid off. Bit of a kick in the teeth that Finn has won his first bike race before he turned 2 while I had to wait until I was 42...

Pascii said...

don't I get a time bonus for TWO-kids-no-stoking-flat-pedals-no-shammy-riding-my-wife's-13-inch-mtb-with-city-bars-with-creaky-adjustable-stem-plus-xtracycle?

It was a bit of a challenge to keep up to Peter on the R3 (with hollowed out bolts no less...I should have thought of that)

Matt Surch said...

We're gonna need one crazy algorithm to calculate all these time bonuses! I think adjustable stems count have to count for double time off, they're awful!

Big props to Pascal for pulling the heaviest load up the hill. I hope your knees are ok! The kids need cowbells next time!

Madmountainmike said...

"Unfortunately yesterday was not 1980"....LMAO !! : - )

Peter M said...

I would have to say the most impressive performance of the day was Oliver (Ollie) Bereznai winning the 7-yr old male single-speed category!

grove69 said...

I will get some pics up shortly...
Fun night for sure!

Matt Surch said...

No kidding Peter, that was downright awesome! I bet the kids were telling all their friends about it Thursday morning. Talk about an adventurous family activity! Looking forward to getting pics of the kids up so they can bask in the glory of web fame (I'll clear with parents first). We'll incorporate family fun elements into future Tall Tree events at every opportunity!

Phat Tony said...

Hey guys - TT was awesome! I'm sorry if anyone feels we cheated by drafting as a family, but I guess that shouldn't be an issue as I believe we had the slowest time at 29:07. Still, pretty good time as our speed was limited to an almost 7 year old on a single speed BMX bike.

Matt Surch said...

If anyone minded Anthony, I'd have to think they were at the wrong TT!It was spectacular having your whole family out, and confirmation that our message got through clearly: fun was the priority. I have never ridden that climb so hard, but I had fun the whole time, a sentiment that semes to be shared all arond by all indications. If we manage to attract family teams next time we throw a climb, we'll know we're onto something really special.