Sunday, June 20, 2010

Could Ottawa get Copenhagenized?

Good article.

Anybody that attended the meeting last week have any interesting comments?


Chrisssssss said...

If it is to happen, we need to address the barriers, especially the redneck attitude of the BIA presidents, Lori Mellor - Preston, Derek Crain - Somerset who oppose it. I'd suggest emailing them to disagree:

My msg was, "like 57 per cent of Ottawans who describe themselves as cyclists" I bike, shop and I don't race around in spandex while shopping.

Anonymous said...

take a lot of changes. Its fine to say, but places like Denmark are very very expensive to drive in. mark up on a vehicle is close to 120%, for example. To park downtown is about 100 bucks a day...

we have a long long way to go before we ever see those prices

Plus, the bike population size is about 40% vs 2% here...

a long way to go.

talk is cheap though. Politicians love it.